Mission Statements And Nightmares, But Not In That Order


It’s weird to have this site actually up and running. I’ve been talking about launching one for so long that to finally see it online and operational feels a bit surreal. A good surreal, but surreal nonetheless.

I’m hoping that this site will remind me to focus on making time for my writing. I think most writers can relate to having all these great ideas swirling around in your brain, but never finding the time to work on any of them. I think it’s even more frustrating when the piece is written in your head, but not on paper. What’s worse is you’re not even aware of the moment where it stopped being a lofty concept, and became a finished story that you were just too lazy busy to put in ink. A full fledged piece where you can imagine the racy dialogue and scenic descriptions, but can’t show them to anyone just yet.

I think that’s a literary nightmare.

Or maybe a better term for it is literary frustration. A literary nightmare dredges up images of stories without proper grammar, erratic changes in verb tense, and a spine chilling combination of bad formatting and a poor use of punctuation. It would include sentences like, “Sarah told me she likes animals: ‘ i love dogs!’.” and would be written entirely in Comic Sans.


Well that got dark for a second. Sorry about that.

Anyways, I’m hoping that this site reminds me to take time out of my day to work on my projects, and take the finished stories swimming around my mind and put them down on paper.

And, if we’re all extremely lucky, this site will remind you to keep on writing too.

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