Thank You 9th Story!

9thStoryI just wanted to give a great big thank you to 9th Story for telling their listeners about my upcoming workshop, entitled “Bikinis, Brains, And Boogeymen,” which will be at this year’s Ottawa Comiccon. It was so nice of them and beyond appreciated.

If you don’t already listen to 9th Story, then you’ll definitely want to start. They talk about stories and storytelling, not to mention they read original fiction for their listeners to enjoy. The podcast is hosted by Dan Foytik, who’s a super talented guy and passionate about what he does.

Also be sure to check out the newest episode of 9th Story. He interviews the incredible Nelson W. Pyles of The Wicked Library (which features a new horror story to scare the pants off of listeners each week), and they finally announce who the new host of the show will be for their upcoming season six now that Pyles is leaving.

Hint: it’s someone from 9th Story…

So go check them out right now!

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