An Overdue Update And Some News

It’s been painfully long since I update this blog, and while it sucks that I’ve been MIA for almost two months I am happy to announce that it’s because I’ve been busy with some projects that I’m super excited about.

Lately I’ve been focusing on finishing my book, which I’m hoping will be done by the end of February, but with everything on my plate I’m not making any promises. I’m also super happy to say that my story is up and live on Pseudopod, so if you haven’t taken a second to check it out then I’d highly recommend that you do. They did an amazing job with it, and I’m so grateful to be on their podcast. Aaaand, of course, I can’t wait for you guys to see my work in The Women In Horror Annual. There’s a bunch of really great writers who are going to be in the book and I hope you guys grab a copy when it’s released.

Aside for that, I’m neck deep in editing and super secret projects that I can’t talk about, but that I hope you guys enjoy when they’re finally released (there’s a lot for you to look forward to this year).  

Talk to you guys soon!

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