FOLLOW Is Finally Here!

It’s finally here!
For those of you who missed the livestream of the movie, the full video for FOLLOW is finally out (and you can find it at the end of this post). 

FOLLOW is a modern-day slasher that takes place entirely on social media, and is filmed through three unique perspectives to tell one suspenseful story over the course of a day.
Looking to escape the monotony and mediocrity of her suburban life, Harley Jones decides to take her influence online. What starts off as an innocent cry for attention soon becomes her worst nightmare when she witnesses a murder and accidentally streams it to her followers. Harley becomes the murderer’s next target, but in a close-knit community where everyone knows your name—and where the killer can hide in plain sight—is there anywhere safe to hide?
You can also watch the full move on YouTube, Facebook, and IGTV at FOLLOW: A Social Media Horror Event


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