Workshop Notes: Not Another Fake N3rd Girl

Please Remember…

  • This is an impossibly big topic.
  • It’s impossible to cover every issue and every solution.
  • When the workshop ends, the work you do in encouraging inclusive pop culture and pop culture spaces begins.

Pop Culture Is…

  • The stuff we consume each and every day.
    • It’s the media we engage with, talk about, and seek out. From memes and movies to board and video games.
  • It’s all around us.
  • It’s the lense through which many people see the world.
    • Art inspires life, life inspires art.

Nerd or Geek Spaces Are…  

  • … where people and pop culture intersect.
  • … physical locations (like a convention) or digital ones (like Reddit), and are recreational spaces as well as work environments.
  • … are often male dominated, and can be difficult for women and marginalized groups to feel included in.

Macro vs. Micro Level Obstacles 

  • These obstacles are experienced on a macro and micro level.
  • Micro level obstacles are usually one-on-one encounters that impact us on an individual level.
  • Macro level obstacles are usually ones which impact society as a whole.

Micro Level Obstacles Can Include:

  • Gatekeeping
  • Interrupting
  • Mansplaining
  • Harassment

Macro Level Obstacles Can Include:  

  • Sexualization of women in media.
    • And, more specifically, harmful depictions of female geeks in media.
  • The muting of women and diverse voices in media.  
  • Restricting access to specific industries.
  • A bias in awarding accolades and recognition for female made and diverse media.

Macro Level Solutions Include:

  • Encourage young diversity in male dominated fields of interest.
  • Make resources, programs, scholarships, and opportunities in these industries increasingly available to women and diverse voices.
  • Encourage equal pay for equal work.
  • Encourage balance and diversity in panels, groups, and award nominees/judges.
  • Take allegations of harassment seriously.

Micro Level Solutions Include:

  • Don’t go at this alone.
  • Support other women and diverse voices!
  • Be inclusive whenever you can.  

Your Voice…  

  • Is a vehicle for change by…
    • … confronting
    • … and creating.

Confronting Includes:

  • Being vocal about interactions which make you, or others, feel uncomfortable and excluded.
  • Being vocal about a lack of diversity or damaging representation in media.  
  • Being vocal about exclusionary spaces.
  • Being vocal about harassment.
    • But please remember that you need to do what you’re comfortable with and feel safe with. No one should try and force you to do otherwise.  
  • Being vocal about supporting diversity in pop culture and media.

Creating Includes:

  • Making new works which celebrate, and encourage, diverse voices and inclusivity.   
  • Create female driven content.
    • Like Bridesmaids (2011), Ghostbusters (2016), and Wonder Woman (2017).
  • Be inclusive in your work, and aware of representation.
  • Encourage women and diversity in the arts and entertainment industry.  
    • Both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.


  • You might not see it immediately, but each time you use your voice you’re making change happen.