Courses, Workshops, And Panels

Workshops and Panels

“The Art Of Self-Doubt: How To Stop Overthinking And Start Creating.” Workshop. Montreal Comiccon (July 2019).

“Sanitarium’s Guide To Indie Publishing.” Workshop. Montreal Comiccon (July 2019).

“Body Talk: How To Include Diverse Bodies In Media.” Workshop. Ottawa Comiccon (May 2018), Montreal Comiccon (July 2018).

“The Long And Short Of It: The Art Of Crafting Short Stories.” Class. West Island Women’s Centre (Fall 2018 Semester), McGill University SSMU MiniCourse (Fall/Winter 2017 Semester).

“Not Another Fake N3rd Girl.” Workshop. Montreal Comiccon (July 2017).

“From The Ground Up: The Basics Of Worldbuilding.” Workshop. Montreal Comiccon (July 2017).

“Witches, Werewolves, And Wraiths: A Writer’s Guide To Monster Making.” Workshop. Toronto Fan Expo (September 2016), Montreal Comiccon (July 2015).

“#Dem Fanfiction Feels: A Readers Guide To Writing Fanfiction.” Workshop. Montreal Comiccon (July 2016).

“Bikinis, Brains, And Boogeymen: How To Write Realistic Women In Horror.” Workshop. Toronto Fan Expo (September¬†2016), Ottawa Comiccon (May 2015), Montreal Comiccon (September 2014).

“The Women Of Walt: Villains, Virgins, And Gender Conventions In Disney.” Panel. Montreal Comiccon (July 2015).